Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Back and wishing I wasn't!!!!!

It was a hard day today. I felt very empty inside going back to work at a place that I have worked at for over 5 years. Yes, some of my co-workers were very happy to see me, with hugs all around, while others were just plan mean. The jerk supervisor , the one with no personality skills just comes in and says "Hello, if you want to continue your job your tests are due. Oh, and by the way, a new schedule is being worked on for the Fall". In other words, get ready to have us change your life again. Man, I really hate working in this department and mostly because of him. I would much rather work in any other department, even with no pay raise, just to be rid of him. That's pretty sad. The main supervisor passed me in the hall and surprizingly said hello and then asked if I had retained my job skills after being off for the summer. What is it with the stupid questions? They are so unprofessional at this company. I really wished that I had not returned today. Anyway it's one day at a time for now.

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