Saturday, May 9, 2009

Giving Trees

What a day!

The weather was perfect and the day was full of hope and promise for everyone. We went to a fund raiser which benefits everyone now and in the future. It's an annual event sponsored by the Department of Forestry and The Breast Cancer Society to raise some money by giving away trees. For a small donation to the Society you can pick up some local tree saplings in plug form or even dig up some larger native trees from a site managed by the Forestry Department. There was even coffee and doughnuts to be had but we were too late arriving to get any.

When we finally got home we had at least 20 trees to plant. Now don't get all worried, that's not as much work as it sounds like. We spent way more time figuring where to put each plant than we did actually putting them into the ground. Besides we have been doing this for over 20 years between here and the old place. That's a lot of digging. I can remember one year where the better-half planted Austrian pine saplings in a snow storm on Victoria day weekend. Poor fella! I think that we have planted trees just about every year we have lived in this province, I guess it must be several hundred trees and counting.

While most of the trees we have planted have been evergreens and hardwoods we have put in a bunch of fruit trees as well. Fruit trees have been our favorite because we love to make jams, jellies and preserves. I often wonder if, when we retire, we can pass on these skills. Most people can't be bothered, what a shame. I was blessed with these life skills from my Grandparents who had to work the land to survive and make a living. What would happen if everyone actually had to? Scary thought isn't it?

We started some veggies seeds in containers for the garden this week. They have already sprouted and need to be re-potted to bigger containers. YES, in one week!! We are hoping for another great gardening season. Last year's garden was so good. We have ordered some compost from a local farmer and we're just waiting for them to deliver it in their big New Holland tractor. I'm really becoming a country girl now, not everything has to be a John Deere! All we need after that is to get the Horse back from the shop, where it is getting an overhaul, and then we wil be able to rotill that shit right into the ground! No pun intended.

We love the new couch and love seat. The old set sold the day before the new one arrived, so it worked out perfectly. We actually had 2 couples who wanted it and the first one to hand over the money got it. The second couple lost out by 20 minutes. You snooze you lose as the saying goes. What I find funny is that we got $230.00 for the set and 30 plus years ago we only paid $650.00, in a no tax sales event, from Eatons, I believe. You can do the math to see how long it lasted and how well it held up. I bet you the new set won't last as long. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there, especially mine.

She is a classy Mother who loves to garden and is a great joy to talk with every day.

Love Ya MOM.