Saturday, December 27, 2008

Only Four Days 'til the NEW YEAR!

The New year is always about hope and promises , BUT WHAT ABOUT GOALS????

Resolutions, just forget it, everyone breaks them and then feels guilty and stressed. Goals are easier. If you don't achieve them, well, there is always the next day, week, or month.

The stress we put upon ourselves is just that. These are our goals and maybe they can't be achieved when we expect them to be. Just keep a positive attitude and move ahead every day.

I have lots of goals to post and I can hardly wait to unveil them, but right now they are all on paper and in my head so you will have to wait.

Friday, December 26, 2008

What are we eating on Christmas day??

The "Wife Saver" breakfast that we have every year now, mmmmm...

The turkey and the dressing are done and are on the counter cooling. Roast turkey, ohh so good!

Prepping the veggies and the gravy for dinner.

Okay, everything is ready and on the take the damn picture so that we can eat!!!

Where are we going to find the room for Yule Log? Never mind, I'm having some even if it means that I blow up while watching TV.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some Thoughts About Christmas

Once again it has been awhile since I've written but I didn't sign a contract to blog everyday as yet!!

Still, I’m always hopeful Martha Stewart will arrive one day and cook in our kitchen. Oh what fun we will have fa la la la! Ok I know Santa can't even begin to fulfill that one, but I have other wishes for the Holiday season.

First, lets think of charitable organizations that we can all contribute to or volunteer for. Yes it is the Season for giving and everyone can!!!!! Please don't tell me “no, you can't” because all you have to do is look around you to find ways to get involved. Maybe even shovel off the walkway for your neighbor, bake an extra batch of cookies to share, visit someone in the manor who may need help addressing Christmas cards, time volunteered at a soup kitchen. You’ll get the BIG picture if your mind allows you.

I'm happy to say we gave very generously this year more so than last year because it made ME feel good and worthwhile. We have so much and as I have said before WE are truly blessed that I don't need to run out and buy just for the sake of having something around the tree.

Because of our jobs, this is the busiest time of the year but, yes, WE still contribute. So can you. NO EXCUSES!

Ok I’ve nagged enough so I'll wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Solstices, oh just Happy Everything and all the best in the New Year.

Hopefully I'll update my goals and wishes for 2009 and the side bars plus maybe I won't be sooooo shy and actually put my BLOG out there for the world to see. (Yeah, Martha Stewart)

Take Care and Happy Holidays to everyone.
Love Me XXXXXXX 00000000