Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not much going on.

My Birthday has come and gone. DAM!!!! I had a great day thanks to Hubby and my family. Turning 50 hardly hurt at all. Age, what does it really matter? I should be happy to have made it to 50.

Spring is in the air and I want to garden so badly.

Hubby bought me an Oriental Lily plant and it smells fantastic. Plus my Orange Tree should be in sometime this week. I guess I'm gardening indoors because I have bought quite a few indoor plants lately.

Earth Hour was a success and I'm glad to have participated once again but really most days you can drive right by our place and no lights are on. Some people have actually thought we went away for the winter. Any way, it's the message that we are all trying to send that really counts.

The birds are all looking for nesting material and are also looking at the tree swallow birdhouse. They are all too big for it so I hope it will be safe till the swallows return to claim it. They are truly beautiful and I enjoyed their company as much as the Hummingbirds. We made an Owl box last year and will have to put it up around August for the Barred Owls. The only thing is Hubby has to climb up a tree and secure it. Not an easy task when you have to climb up12 feet or more to attach this huge box and secure it safely for the owls. I guess that's why we didn't do it last year. Wish I knew someone with a boom truck.

We are planning a day trip to Moncton soon and I can hardly wait. The farmers market is calling me as is a great scoff of Chinese food at our favorite restaurant.
I received some money for my Birthday so I thinking I would like to buy myself a new wardrobe. What are the chances of that? I'm too cheap to buy new so I'll properly be at Value Village or Frenchy's. See You There!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not too much new on Witch's Island

Spring has Sprung!!!!

At least I hope so, I'm so sick and tired of looking at this snow. Yes, we still have lots of it.Who can think of gardening with all this shitty looking white stuff still hanging around. Well, I guess I can because I went to the local gardening store yesterday and bought some seeds to start indoors sometime soon. We got some bottle gourds which are a strange looking seed. I really can't tell which end to plant in the soil. Last year we put them in and they grew nicely but I felt they were way behind because I didn't start them inside earlier in the winter. This year we will give them a head start. Last year's gourds are drying out nicely in the basement and will become birdhouses, probably in the next couple of weeks.

We haven't won a damn thing from Tim Hortons roll-up the rim to win. There has been lots of winners around here, though. Two people have won the 10,000 dollar prize.

We're making baked beans again for supper again tonight. We're also cooking a roast beef and a meat pie, which I made around X-mas time, so we should have lots to eat through the week. I'm working the evening shift so it is nice to plan for the week ahead. That way we both eat healthy. For dessert I'm making my world famous butter tarts and I will post some pictures later, supposing that I can snap a shot before Hubby eats them all.

Just want to remind everyone of Earth Hour this Sat (March 28th). At 8:30 until 9:30 turn your lights out and have some fun while helping the environment. Can't wait to see what Google will do this year on their site. My plans are maybe playing a game of chess by candle light, a bubble bath by candle light, a walk down to the stream by candle light, or if the night is really nice I would like to bundle up in my winter coat and sit in the deck chairs with a glass of wine,( no candles it will ruin your night vision)and just take in the moment.

Hope you all think about your plans for Earth Hour!!!

Take Care.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Take the Quiz

Here's the Quiz.
10 Easy questions to answer about your partner.
Let's see how you score.

1) What's his/her favorite number?
2) What's his/her favorite colour?
3) What's his/her favorite dish?
4) What's his/her favorite movie?
5) What's his/her favorite song?
6) Whats his/her favorite gen stone?
7) What's his/her favorite store?
8) What's his/her favorite Blog Site?
9) What's his/her favorite passion?
10) What's his/her favorite animal/mammal/fish, you get the picture.

I gave Hubby the quiz and he scored fairly high, but I didn't do so well.
Who knew his favorite song was "Twisted"! I'd never heard of it before.
Anyway I really enjoyed thinking up these questions, but feel free to change or add to them.

Snowing again today. I think every Sunday it has been snowing for monthes but I know Spring will be right around the corner bringing lots of water, spongy driveways and wet basements.
We visited friends yesterday and at our old house my heart jumped. The little daffodils in the front garden had popped their heads above the ground. A sure sign of Spring, RIGHT?
Hubby and I are doing the Sunday cleaning together, we have baked beans in the oven and they are smelling sooo good. Later on we will coat some chicken thighs and bake them and I might even make some butter tarts because I found a package of tart shells in the freezer yesterday. Hubby's ultimate favorite.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a Thought

How well do you really know your partner? Seriously, I've thought of a challenge for everyone whether you are dating, engaged, married or maybe even divorced. How much do or did you really know about each others favorites or not so favorites. Yes, let the games begin!!! Something like the Newlywed game with, oh, what was his name, lots of hair and teeth and actually funny at times, YES it's BOB EUBANKS!!! OH come on you remember him, please don't play dumb, he was the Oprah of his day, just without the pay.
And if you think I smashing Oprah, not so. Bob Barker was host of Truth or Consequences before becoming famous on the Price is Right. And everyone remembers Monty Hall, right?
So now when I post my challenge you might think I'm hoping to be grouped with these famous game hosts. Not really, well okay, maybe a little.
I just think you will all like my next post.
Spread the LOVE, cause it's all about that.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tim Horton's

Wake up CANADA it's that time again.....Rolllll-up the rim to win! This is just soooo Canadian that I'm (beaver) dam(n) sure that all the other coffee shops must really suffer. In this neck of the woods we have lots of coffee shops. I think Vicki Gabereau from the CBC once reported on this (really). Anyway, this is one good thing about living in Canada, you get to go to Timmy's. I think that's what we should use for the 2010 Olympics motto. Hopefully they are sponsors.

This hasn't been the best week for me. I'm pre-arranging my Grandmother’s funeral, and I'm really finding this hard. Not about the choices or money, etc. that’s involved, I just find it hard to think of her not being around us anymore.

This lady is amazing in more ways than I can express. She has shaped the way I look at life. We all want to live more frugally but that was an everyday way of life for my grandparents and I just happened to be lucky enough to realize this and learn all their great skills. Gardening, baking, cooking, and preserving are all skills I learned from them. My Grandmother will always be famous for her Mustard Pickles.

I guess today is just an extremely hard day. My Father would have been 75 years old today. He passed away four years ago and I really can't do this post anymore. I'm sorry, too many emotions and I can't see the keyboard anymore through the tears.