Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a Thought

How well do you really know your partner? Seriously, I've thought of a challenge for everyone whether you are dating, engaged, married or maybe even divorced. How much do or did you really know about each others favorites or not so favorites. Yes, let the games begin!!! Something like the Newlywed game with, oh, what was his name, lots of hair and teeth and actually funny at times, YES it's BOB EUBANKS!!! OH come on you remember him, please don't play dumb, he was the Oprah of his day, just without the pay.
And if you think I smashing Oprah, not so. Bob Barker was host of Truth or Consequences before becoming famous on the Price is Right. And everyone remembers Monty Hall, right?
So now when I post my challenge you might think I'm hoping to be grouped with these famous game hosts. Not really, well okay, maybe a little.
I just think you will all like my next post.
Spread the LOVE, cause it's all about that.

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