Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is Coming

Yes it has been awhile since I've blogged at all. Where does the time go? I've been busy doing my annual Christmas baking to be sent to all my loved ones in a far away land (okay… Toronto). Again, I have seemed to have taken on more than I can manage at this busy time but I do it ever year so I guess I will stop complaining and suck it up. I have baked gingerbread cookies, orange raisin cookies dipped in white chocolate, shortbread dipped in dark chocolate and crushed almonds, banana loaf, and a cranberry-orange loaf. I haven't finished yet. There is still my meat pie to make for Hubby and I on Christmas Eve, plus I might even try a new recipe along the way. There is always room for new ideas in this house.
Next week I hope to get our tree up and start decorating the house. I love this part of the holidays I just don't really like the shopping part, but I have that all finished and mailed off so there is just Hubby left. THE REALLY IMPORTANT ONE!!!!
Yesterday I made lasagna for dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert and it was fantastic. I really don't understand why Martha Stewart has not found out about me yet! That would be my dream spot on T.V. to work alongside her. Dreams have a way of coming true.
Work, well let’s not ruin my day, so we won't go there. The Annual Christmas party was last night so I'll hear all about it on Monday. There is always someone who wishes they had not gone.
I'm going to start my new savings budget for January, so it may be a while ‘til I update my sidebars.
Hopefully soon I will start posting this out. Still a little shy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rememberance Day

On the eleventh month of the eleventh day at the eleventh hour it is time to remember all the veterans and peacekeepers who bravely fought for the freedom we enjoy today. I think about this more and more as I get older and realize how much these men and women truly gave and believed in to make this a better country. I thank-you.

Haven't blogged for awhile I guess I have been just too plain lazy. Lately, I haven't had a lot of
energy and I think that just comes with this time of year. Today it's cold, windy and raining, not a promising day.

I've found some interesting sites on Geo Caching and I'm dying to try this game out. I found some great areas close to home but I'll have to wait to get a GPS to join in on the fun. Something for me to look forward to in the New Year

Went Christmas shopping yesterday as I had the day off. Got a few nice presents but mostly just stuck with gift certificates from their favorite haunts. Seems like such a waste to buy these and mail them while they will be doing the same for us. What we do to keep family happy.

Oh well I should be happy I have my family, I just wish at times we didn't live so far away.
I'm trying to get this finished early this year so I can start my Christmas baking. I really enjoy the baking and decorating the house and tree but the rest is so commercialized it can really spoil the season and meaning of the holiday.
Not like Halloween!!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Rocks!!!!!!!

I have been off work since Wednesday afternoon and I spent the time planning away for Halloween (did I mention that it's my very favorite of all days?). Hubby had Thursday and Friday off so he started gutting the pumpkins early, and then Friday our creative sides took over. Don't worry, we will post lots of our pumpkin pictures for all the world to see. We have been doing this for over 30 years so I guess you can say we are well experienced in this field. Any potential job openings out there for me, as I might need it soon. Work is trying very hard to push me out the door. I would say its pay back time for being off the 4 months on sick leave. But for now lets not even think of that piece of s--- place cause it's Halloween and Halloween weekend. Yes, Halloween lasts a few days at this house. I dressed up as a WITCH, of course, and had a blast even though we only had 8 kiddies come begging. Saturday, we had friends over for drinks and snacks, which allowed me to use all my Halloween bowls and decorations to the max for a great looking table setting. Everyone really liked our carved pumpkins and lots of pictures were taken. Hubby does some amazing pumpkin carving which I'm sure you will all agree. It was a great weekend and my pumpkins right now are still on the front steps in the snow!!! We had snow this morning and then some hail and then more snow. I'm not impressed with the change in the weather. Hubby is watching the last formula 1 race of the season and I'm just hoping the damn satellite doesn't crap out on him.