Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yay, I did it!!!!

I bargained for my raise and got it. Three and a half percent and retro pay back to September. Sometimes a girl just has to stand up for what she believes in because it's all about the money when it comes to review time.

I was pretty happy about this raise, especially when you hear about all the people who are losing their jobs. It could've been me. The industry that I'm employed in can be touchy when the economy is down. I just have to hope for the best and not dwell on what might happen down the road. I've been through that cycle before. It gets you nowhere and can rob you of the good times that lay ahead.

I bought some used skates yesterday and I'm hoping to use them soon. I'm not used to boy's skates and I found them very stiff, so I will also have to overcome that, but I'm up for the challenge. I'll have to phone the rink tomorrow to see if they have any beginner's skate time. I'm very nervous of falling, I wouldn't want to break anything and be off work especially with what I went through last year with that awful insurance company. Be just my luck.

If this works out Hubby is also going to get a pair of skates, too and we can go together. How Sweet.

My scarf is really coming along great and I'm very proud of the look of it so far. Its 100 percent wool so it should be very warm also. You would need it today is is -20C and with the wind chill factor -30C, ugh. We are warm and toasty inside though and I'm not even thinking of going outside today so, yes, it will be another NO SPEND DAY!

We did the usual cleaning today and now we will have the rest of the day to relax. Later we are going to bake a chicken for supper and watch the wind swirl outside. Life is really good and we are very lucky.

We are also getting our funds in order to buy some RRSP's. We had a meeting on Friday to get some information on how best to proceed. I feel we got some good advice. We're going to put our money into retirement savings and put the tax refund down on the mortgage.

I also have a company X-mas bonus coming at the end of Feb. and my retro pay should be on this week's check along with my raise. I may use the X-mas bonus for something like a getaway weekend or I may just decide to be cheap and squirrel it away. What would you do if you won millions? I can't even decide what to do with $400.00. We bought a few tickets on the 649 lottery because the jackpot was $43 million, but we didn't even win a free ticket. Oh well, it saves me having to figure out how I would budget that amount. HA HA.

Here's a nice sunny picture from our holiday in 2007 just to keep reminding us that there is hope that winter will end!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Past the Middle of the Month Already???

Wow, January is flying by, and I'm glad because the quicker the months go the closer it is to Winter being over and the start of Spring. Yes, I know I'm jumping way ahead, but what the hell! Not everyone is into Winter. Believe me, I've tried to be positive about it but something about -20C temperatures and high winds just don't agree with me.

I've started to knit a scarf which I'm really pleased with so far. It is nice to be creative again with my hands. I wish I could go to community school this year but with the shifts I work I would miss every second week, so why bother. It's too bad because I went to community school for over 10 years and every year I learned a new skill. I also had alot of fun meeting new people. Man, I can hardly wait to retire to be able to do that again! I guess I didn't realize how much I missed it till now (ugh.)

Hubby and I cleaned the house from top to bottom today. All the floors were washed too. The place looks and smells great. Every Sunday is our cleaning day and then its just recreation time after that.

I made some brownies today which turned out very good. I was going to make bread but didn't have enough milk and I really didn't want to drive into town or spend any money today. I didn't get the bread done but I at least accomplished something!

This morning I wrote a response to the performance review from my job. I was happy with the overall review (much better than last year), now just SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!! (and lots of it would be nice). Anyway it will be what it is and with the times ahead I'll be happy with any amount I actually get. It will probably go towards the mortgage, anyway. It's all about getting that paid off in FIVE years so I can retire or move on to something I will enjoy working at more.

This week I'm training another person in our department and we are having a 5S revision done in our shop. Oh Joy!! You don't want me to start on that.

We went shopping in the Big City on Saturday I made a great haul at Value Village, thanks to my Christmas gift certificates. You just gotta love them. The spirit of Christmas just keeps going and going. I'm planning a day trip across the puddle sometime in Febuary and I'm reallly looking forward to it. Maybe I'll spend the rest of my stash then!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Today has sort of been a real laid back day.

Laundry, ya thats always a given.

Gave hubby his hair cut.

Sorted out our closet so we can give away the clothes we haven't worn in a year. That has always been my rule of thumb going into the New Year. Really if you haven't even worn it in that time frame do you think you will next 12 months?

Started to learn to knit today, one of my many challenges for the New Year. Last year I learned how to play chess, which I really love though I must admit we haven't played in awhile.

Played crib the other night which I really enjoyed.

I love card and board games and as a kid we played lots of them. Monopoly was probably the most played game between us, and some times it went on for days with us hiding our money before the next play. Boy those were simpler times back then.
Last night's homemade pizza was delicious and is always a fun way to spend the evening.

I plan on having friends over soon to make it a snowman pizza night where you roll out the dough in three different sizes to represent the look of a snowman, and then do each circle with different toppings. Yum, I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow it is back to work and hopefully I will receive my performance review and maybe a raise. Boy that would set the new year off just right, especially if I get retro pay back to Sept. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will hold on to my good luck charm (hubby).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm out there now for the world to view

Well today is the day.
I've finally linked my blog to my favorite site to enter a fellow blogger in a contest
give away. Hope she wins!
I've been nervous about putting my webpage out there and really I have no idea why.
So now it's done there is no turning back.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Goals for 2009

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!

We have been stormed in for two days and just finally got our main road plowed out at around Noon.
Hubby has been out twice using the snowblower to clear the driveway just to stay ahead of the blowing snow. The drifts were 6' in some areas and out on the road they must be 10' or more.
Welcome to another New Year of storms. The same day in 2008 was also a storm. Weird.

We had a few friends over on New Years eve before we all went to the Community complex for the dinner and dance. Fun times were had by all and the New Year was officially rang in. YA HOOO!!! I'm hoping for 2009 to be the best year ever. Now that's positive thinking.

Goals for the New Year are as follows:(no particular order)

Continue paying down that mortgage as fast as possible.
Buy skates and use them.
Buy a Kayak and try and get over my fear of the water with a life jacket of course.
Learn to play poker and get a good poker face.
Smile more often (maybe that will be my poker face).
Drink more water at work and home.
Try new recipes.
Exercise more often, and use my hand weights.
Lose 10 pounds (I have to weight myself first, so I may need to buy a scale).
Open a TFSA acount and try to max it out if the rates are worthwhile without those darling bank fees attached.
Take a real vacation somewhere in the Maritimes.
Try to let go off the past and learn to live in the moment.
Make more time for myself.
Read more books.
Have more dinner parties and play some game boards.
Get a complete physical.
Learn more about my computer and what it can do for me besides surfing the internet.
Continue to declutter.
Continue to work on our basement renovations.
Paint our t.v room and maybe buy some new furniture for it.
Tweak the budget throughout the year.

Yes this list is long but surely I can accomplish some of these goals and even if it is just a few , I think I would still be pleased.

How about you? Any goals or dreams you want to share.

Take care and all the best to everyone in 2009.