Sunday, January 18, 2009

Past the Middle of the Month Already???

Wow, January is flying by, and I'm glad because the quicker the months go the closer it is to Winter being over and the start of Spring. Yes, I know I'm jumping way ahead, but what the hell! Not everyone is into Winter. Believe me, I've tried to be positive about it but something about -20C temperatures and high winds just don't agree with me.

I've started to knit a scarf which I'm really pleased with so far. It is nice to be creative again with my hands. I wish I could go to community school this year but with the shifts I work I would miss every second week, so why bother. It's too bad because I went to community school for over 10 years and every year I learned a new skill. I also had alot of fun meeting new people. Man, I can hardly wait to retire to be able to do that again! I guess I didn't realize how much I missed it till now (ugh.)

Hubby and I cleaned the house from top to bottom today. All the floors were washed too. The place looks and smells great. Every Sunday is our cleaning day and then its just recreation time after that.

I made some brownies today which turned out very good. I was going to make bread but didn't have enough milk and I really didn't want to drive into town or spend any money today. I didn't get the bread done but I at least accomplished something!

This morning I wrote a response to the performance review from my job. I was happy with the overall review (much better than last year), now just SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!! (and lots of it would be nice). Anyway it will be what it is and with the times ahead I'll be happy with any amount I actually get. It will probably go towards the mortgage, anyway. It's all about getting that paid off in FIVE years so I can retire or move on to something I will enjoy working at more.

This week I'm training another person in our department and we are having a 5S revision done in our shop. Oh Joy!! You don't want me to start on that.

We went shopping in the Big City on Saturday I made a great haul at Value Village, thanks to my Christmas gift certificates. You just gotta love them. The spirit of Christmas just keeps going and going. I'm planning a day trip across the puddle sometime in Febuary and I'm reallly looking forward to it. Maybe I'll spend the rest of my stash then!

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