Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yay, I did it!!!!

I bargained for my raise and got it. Three and a half percent and retro pay back to September. Sometimes a girl just has to stand up for what she believes in because it's all about the money when it comes to review time.

I was pretty happy about this raise, especially when you hear about all the people who are losing their jobs. It could've been me. The industry that I'm employed in can be touchy when the economy is down. I just have to hope for the best and not dwell on what might happen down the road. I've been through that cycle before. It gets you nowhere and can rob you of the good times that lay ahead.

I bought some used skates yesterday and I'm hoping to use them soon. I'm not used to boy's skates and I found them very stiff, so I will also have to overcome that, but I'm up for the challenge. I'll have to phone the rink tomorrow to see if they have any beginner's skate time. I'm very nervous of falling, I wouldn't want to break anything and be off work especially with what I went through last year with that awful insurance company. Be just my luck.

If this works out Hubby is also going to get a pair of skates, too and we can go together. How Sweet.

My scarf is really coming along great and I'm very proud of the look of it so far. Its 100 percent wool so it should be very warm also. You would need it today is is -20C and with the wind chill factor -30C, ugh. We are warm and toasty inside though and I'm not even thinking of going outside today so, yes, it will be another NO SPEND DAY!

We did the usual cleaning today and now we will have the rest of the day to relax. Later we are going to bake a chicken for supper and watch the wind swirl outside. Life is really good and we are very lucky.

We are also getting our funds in order to buy some RRSP's. We had a meeting on Friday to get some information on how best to proceed. I feel we got some good advice. We're going to put our money into retirement savings and put the tax refund down on the mortgage.

I also have a company X-mas bonus coming at the end of Feb. and my retro pay should be on this week's check along with my raise. I may use the X-mas bonus for something like a getaway weekend or I may just decide to be cheap and squirrel it away. What would you do if you won millions? I can't even decide what to do with $400.00. We bought a few tickets on the 649 lottery because the jackpot was $43 million, but we didn't even win a free ticket. Oh well, it saves me having to figure out how I would budget that amount. HA HA.

Here's a nice sunny picture from our holiday in 2007 just to keep reminding us that there is hope that winter will end!

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