Sunday, March 8, 2009

Take the Quiz

Here's the Quiz.
10 Easy questions to answer about your partner.
Let's see how you score.

1) What's his/her favorite number?
2) What's his/her favorite colour?
3) What's his/her favorite dish?
4) What's his/her favorite movie?
5) What's his/her favorite song?
6) Whats his/her favorite gen stone?
7) What's his/her favorite store?
8) What's his/her favorite Blog Site?
9) What's his/her favorite passion?
10) What's his/her favorite animal/mammal/fish, you get the picture.

I gave Hubby the quiz and he scored fairly high, but I didn't do so well.
Who knew his favorite song was "Twisted"! I'd never heard of it before.
Anyway I really enjoyed thinking up these questions, but feel free to change or add to them.

Snowing again today. I think every Sunday it has been snowing for monthes but I know Spring will be right around the corner bringing lots of water, spongy driveways and wet basements.
We visited friends yesterday and at our old house my heart jumped. The little daffodils in the front garden had popped their heads above the ground. A sure sign of Spring, RIGHT?
Hubby and I are doing the Sunday cleaning together, we have baked beans in the oven and they are smelling sooo good. Later on we will coat some chicken thighs and bake them and I might even make some butter tarts because I found a package of tart shells in the freezer yesterday. Hubby's ultimate favorite.

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