Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not much going on.

My Birthday has come and gone. DAM!!!! I had a great day thanks to Hubby and my family. Turning 50 hardly hurt at all. Age, what does it really matter? I should be happy to have made it to 50.

Spring is in the air and I want to garden so badly.

Hubby bought me an Oriental Lily plant and it smells fantastic. Plus my Orange Tree should be in sometime this week. I guess I'm gardening indoors because I have bought quite a few indoor plants lately.

Earth Hour was a success and I'm glad to have participated once again but really most days you can drive right by our place and no lights are on. Some people have actually thought we went away for the winter. Any way, it's the message that we are all trying to send that really counts.

The birds are all looking for nesting material and are also looking at the tree swallow birdhouse. They are all too big for it so I hope it will be safe till the swallows return to claim it. They are truly beautiful and I enjoyed their company as much as the Hummingbirds. We made an Owl box last year and will have to put it up around August for the Barred Owls. The only thing is Hubby has to climb up a tree and secure it. Not an easy task when you have to climb up12 feet or more to attach this huge box and secure it safely for the owls. I guess that's why we didn't do it last year. Wish I knew someone with a boom truck.

We are planning a day trip to Moncton soon and I can hardly wait. The farmers market is calling me as is a great scoff of Chinese food at our favorite restaurant.
I received some money for my Birthday so I thinking I would like to buy myself a new wardrobe. What are the chances of that? I'm too cheap to buy new so I'll properly be at Value Village or Frenchy's. See You There!!!!

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