Monday, September 15, 2008

Gearing up to return to work.

Only 7 days left till I return to work. I don't know if at this point whether I'm happy or sad about this. The place is very stressful and I felt the majority of the work load was falling on my shoulders while the others walked around talking most of the day. It is a strange place at times because if you don't socialize you get criticized for it and if you do socialize too much you get reprimanded. Very hard to keep a happy balance. Too many supervisors who pawn their work off on other unskilled mini supervisors, so at times you don't know who's in charge. My yearly performance review will also be due when I return (can hardly wait to see that!). I'm really hoping that they will move me to another area in the plant. As I mentioned before, I have been asking for a transfer and really I feel that 5 years has been long enough in this shop. My start day back will be on afternoon shifts so my menu planning is more difficult to do and I don't get to see my Better Half till Friday night because he is in bed by the time I get home.UGH!!!! Makes for a long week. But I guess it pays the bills and I'm really looking forward to trying to squeeze the budget even more. The faster we pay off the mortgage the faster I'm outta this place.

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