Saturday, September 13, 2008

The benefit was a success

Yesterday was the benefit for a co-worker of my better half and it was a real success. Lots of stuff was donated, and lots of baked goods were also auctioned off. All in all, we managed to raise close to $7,000.00. The generosity from the community was just outstanding and we are so lucky to be living here. I managed to bid on a few items and we even won the 50/50 draw. We used the winnings to bid on the most expensive gum drop cake ($191.00) but you always want to return the money back into the event, I mean really who wouldn't?
Today will be just a relaxing day as I try to plan my food menu for next week and just start to mentally gear up to returning back to work (Sept 22). Then I will be able to concentrate more on our budget . Right now the money has only been 60 percent of my regular pay so it hasn't been easy. I really believe in having an emergency fund set up for this, so I will have to get busy and start building that up again. With such a short time period to the end of this year a lot of my goals will probably have to be adjusted. Such is life, you never know what's around the turn.

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