Monday, February 1, 2010

Grocery Shopping For The Week

We had our first big snow storm for the season last week. That is pretty amazing when I think about it. By this time last year we had had snow on the ground for almost three months!

On Friday some stores closed early in the day due to the weather, which made Saturday's grocery shopping an awful chore. The store was so busy that there were no shopping buggies to be had. People were actually lining up to wait for the cart wranglers to bring some in from the parking lot. Hubby cut to the chase and just went out and got his own. The check out lines were crazy, every cashier had at least ten people waiting. Never again will I be shopping on a Saturday after a storm.

I wonder what it all would have cost if we had paid full price for this all.

I did get some good deals because they were having a B.O.G.O. event (you know, Buy One, Get One) which may have also contributed to the crowds. Anyway I'm all stocked-up for now. The cost for our little adventure was $114.27 and you can see for yourself what that gets you here on The Witch's Island.

This stuff didn't make it into the first shot but it was included in the $114

I thought I would share a few pictures with you of Hubby blowing out the driveway. He had to do it three times over two days, poor fella. He didn't mind, though. Any reason to play with the power tools is a good one.

Hubby is glad he doesn't have to shovel out by hand anymore.

Power tools, don't you just love'em?


Gill - That British Woman said...

my friend was just saying today how little snow you guys had, had. I want to visit the island one day.........

It always amazes me how much you guys pay for potatoes and milk?


Canadian Saver said...

I think you got more snow than we did!

I love the food pic, I need to start taking some too... The chips will be good ;-) Love the ketchup Lays!

Were the shrimp bogo?

I hate full parking lots and long lines in grocery stores... My favorite time to go is on a weekday afternoon, when I don't work a full day. Earlier in the week the better, it's only older, retired shoppers usually!

its me, sam said...

I took a quick peek at the flyers, but decided that I didn't have enough room in the freezer. Here, the grocery stores are usually crazy before and after the storms! It's like people are afraid that there won;t be anything left in the stores!

its me, sam said...

I took another look at your groceries, and thought I recognized the container of feta cheese. Is that the company from Nova Scotia?

CS the shrimp is BOGO!

The Witch said...

Oh yeah, the shrimp were BOGO. We're planning some nifty seafood dinners in the near future. Hubby wants to try his hand at jambalaya. Shrimp cocktails and chowder are great, too.

The feta cheese is from Nova Scotia and it is our preferred brand. You know us, buy local where ever possible.