Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010 Olympics

In just two days Canada is playing host to the greatest sporting event in the world! Yes, even bigger than the Superbowl. You will be able to cheer on our athletes in lots of exciting sports at lots of exciting new venues. I wish that I had a favourite sport to report about but, really, I love them all. I can hardly wait for the opening ceremonies this Friday to see Clara Hughes carry the Canadian flag into the stadium.

We were in BC 5 years ago on a holiday with my father and my sister. I had won a trip from work to anywhere in the country that Air Canada flies and it just so happened that they were going to go out west that year. We tagged along at next to no cost to us and we had a fantastic time. While we were in British Columbia they were gearing up for the Olympics, expanding highways and building hotels and venues. It seemed like it was so far in the future then, but I guess that they really needed the time to get it done. My father was so excited by all this and he was even talking about going back to Vancouver to volunteer. Unfortunately, he passed away two years later so he will not be able to take part. His enthusiasm is still with me though and I'm looking forward to watching these games because of him.

The last time the Olmpics were in Canada I was fortunate enough to be selected to be one of the torch bearers on its trip across the country. I was really into figure skating then. Brian Orser, Kurt Browning, Tracy Wilson, Rob McCall and Elizabeth Manning were the big Canadian stars at the time and we were all expecting big things from them at the games. They didn't disappoint either, coming through with a pair of silver medals, a bronze and an eighth place for Browning. It was a great set of games and I was proud to have been a participant, if merely at the volunteer stage. My name even made it into the book they published about the torch run, you can see it there if you know where to look.

By the way, I have decided that I'm not going to enter the "Biggest Loser" challenge at work. I may have mentioned that they were going to run the contest as a fund-raiser and I was thinking that it would be great motivation to get back into my "skinny" jeans for the summer. Then I tried on the jacket that I wore 22 years ago for the torch run and I decided that maybe I was okay after all. Best not to upset the others who have entered by saying that I need to lose 10 pounds.

Me, in my Torch Run Jacket

Watch the games, folks. Go Canada, Go!


Canadian Saver said...

Wow, you were a torch bearer??? I bet that memory lasts with you a lifetime... Really sorry that your Dad isn't around to watch these games with you :-(

Good plan about the Biggest Loser challenge... you are a great size now!!!

The Nakamuras on Saipan said...

I was actually so happy to see that Canada was hosting the Olympics. It just seemed "right". I was impressed with your story of being a torch cool!I was also very sad to read about your father....

I am rooting for you on the biggest looser
contest...ahem...something I keep saying I'm going to do-loose a few. I'm now 152 at age 48...I'd like to loose at least 30 lbs...but..HA then I'd be 122 lbs-my high school weight. SOOO.... I'm being reasonable and saying I'll loose 20-25 lbs...and I'm going to start that ...soon...

Please let us know how you are doing!

~Kim~ said...

WOW!! What a great memory for you!! I think that's so cool that you were part of the olympics!! I love the jacket, and it looks great on you!

I LOVE the winter olympics, (ice skating is my favorite!) and last week I ordered the "olympic red mittens" to wear--They will be my one and only reason to hope it stays cold! :-)

Sisters of the Blog said...

Way cool! I've never known anyone who was a torch bearer. How were you chosen to be one?

I feel excitement when watching the Olympics. It's the reason i got my first tv when i was in my first apartment. Lived there nearly two years without one, but then the 1984 summer Olympics were going to be in the US, and i wanted to watch.

Your holiday in BC sounds nice. I'm glad you were able to spend that time with your father and that you can look forward to watching the games rather than feel sad.

Your jacket looks great! It looks like you don't need any "Biggest Loser" challenge.