Sunday, October 4, 2009

Putting the Garden to Rest.

It has been a busy weekend around the acreage. We pulled out all the bigger varieties of tomatoes, leaving only the smaller Sweet Cluster cherry ones still in the ground. Any green fruit that was on the vines we pulled are now ripening in the house or the garage. For months now, Hubby has been bringing tubs of produce to work. Everyone there just raves about it, especially the tomatoes and the carrots, so he feels very pleased about his (our!) green thumb(s).

We had a great crop of green and cayenne peppers and we are stringing up the latter into garlands so they can dry out. This is a terrific way to save these peppers for use later in the year. In fact, we still have one string left from last year's garden.

I also grew some funky looking gourds that I'm going to dry so I can make them into birdhouses next year. The onions are drying in the shed but they are no way near as good as last year's crop. They seemed to be way too wet and as a result a lot of them rotted. Overall I would say the garden this year was a great success except for the cucumbers. They just didn't produce much and the plants themselves died off early. This really sucked because I had to actually buy cukes from the store to make some of our pickles.

Today we cleaned the house top to bottom, which is our regular Sunday routine. Hubby always helps because we both work full time and the faster we get it done the more time we have to be together. After the housework I made some Bran and Blueberry Muffins with yoghurt and molasses as the main liquid ingredients. Then we put together an Apple Crisp for dessert after our roast chicken is done. Sometimes it feels like I'm running a restaurant!

I think I have finally finished decorating the inside of the house for fall. Oh, who am I kidding, it looks more like Halloween than anything! Right down to the towels. I warned you I was a Halloween freak.

It’s back to work tomorrow again and I’m already thinking about next weekend. It’s Thanksgiving and that means we have three days off. There’ll be turkey and pumpkin pie and all kinds of other goodies. Oh, and the place down the road is having their giant pumpkin weighoff on Saturday. It should be lots of fun as long as the weather cooperates!

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Canadian Saver said...

Those gourds are so cool!

I love anything associated with fall and Halloween!

Those muffins look delish!