Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update To My Goals For This Year

I thought that this would would be a good time to udate my resolution list for the year. I'm actually making pretty good progress for seven weeks! What do you think? How are you doing with your list?

  1. Continue paying down that mortgage as fast as possible.
    We have decreased the tax portion of our bi-weekly payment by about $40 while increasing the total we are paying by $30 which means that we are paying about $150 extra per month on our principal.

  2. Buy skates and use them.
    I bought a used pair from the old guy at the skate shop. I felt very sorry for him as it seems that he is not very well-off. I think that I will buy him a meal sometime as it looks like he may need it. As for the skates, now that I have them I'm afraid to use them in case I fall and break something.

  3. Buy a Kayak and try and get over my fear of the water with a life jacket of course.
    No kayak yet and that water still looks scary.

  4. Learn to play poker and get a good poker face.
    No poker yet either and I guess I'm sticking with the face I've got.

  5. Smile more often (maybe that will be my poker face).
    I haven't been laughing too much lately because they have been "5 S"ing my shop at work. You'll know what I mean when the program comes your way.

  6. Drink more water at work and home.
    This one has been easy and I'm loving it, even though I gurgle now when I walk.

  7. Try new recipes.
    We have tried a few but no real winners yet.

  8. Exercise more often, and use my hand weights.
    I am still just doing the walking thing, a couple of kilometers per day.

  9. Lose 10 pounds (I have to weight myself first, so I may need to buy a scale).
    I haven't gotten around to getting the scale yet so I well on my way to achieving this goal (go ahead, prove me wrong!).

  10. Open a TFSA account and try to max it out if the rates are worthwhile without those darling bank fees attached.
    I'm proud to say that I opened my TFSA two weeks ago and maxxed it out for the year. This will be our emergency fund for now.

  11. Take a real vacation somewhere in the Maritimes.
    Vacation is still a long way away but it will happen.

  12. Try to let go off the past and learn to live in the moment.
    This one is not so easy but I'm trying.

  13. Make more time for myself.
    This one ain't easy either, always too much housework.

  14. Read more books.
    I'm on my third book now.

  15. Have more dinner parties and play some game boards.
    Not yet.

  16. Get a complete physical.
    Coming soon to an examination room near me.

  17. Learn more about my computer and what it can do for me besides surfing the internet.
    I'm sure it can do lots but right now it's too easy to ask Hubby.

  18. Continue to declutter.
    This will be an on-going process.

  19. Continue to work on our basement renovations.
    These are on hold for now, there's just too many other ways to spend the money,

  20. Paint our t.v room and maybe buy some new furniture for it.
    The painting will happen soon and the search for new furniture continues.

  21. Tweak the budget throughout the year.
    We have done some tweaking already and we will continue to maximize our savings where possible.

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