Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pizza Night, Yummy!

Saturday night was pizza night, as you may have already read. It's always a big deal around here because we just don't order takeout any more. Greco? I don't think so! Besides, there is nothing like home-made pizza. We are even back to making our own dough again after our experience with the dough we bought from our local bakery. We used to make the dough at home all the time but we were getting lazy, I guess. There is a time factor, too. It takes quite a while to put the recipe together, let it rise, roll it out and rest. The results are worth the effort and making your own allows you to experiment. This time we added a couple of tablespoons of the farm market honey to the liquid ingredients before we added them to the dry ones. I turned out great, crispy-chewy and tasty.

So here are some pictures of it all going together. When we make pizza we always make extra to freeze for later. I say that just so you don't think that we ate it all at one go. Anyway, we need to have extra just in case someone shows up at suppertime (yeah, right...). By the way, the bacon we mentioned previously was perfect. Not too salty and with a nice little smokey flavour. Our thanks to the happy pigs!

Okay, just try not to lick the screen!

Hubby's pizza all ready to gobble.


The Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Ok, that's it! I'm coming over to get some of that pizza! your posts are REALLY making my stomach rumble!! :)

Ria said...

That looks like some awesome pizza! Hmm, I wonder how long it'd take to get from my place to yours so I can filch a slice. :D

Canadian Saver said...

Oh man that looks incredibly good!!!

Do you bake the pizza then put it in the freezer or do you freeze it without baking? I always make extra too, bake then wrap in individual slices. For lunches I just pull a piece from the freezer, bring a piece of fruit and I'm ready....

I love your pictures, wish you'd post more :-)

The Witch said...

Seems like I might have a full house for dinner!
Canadian Saver,
I usually bake all the pizza first, let it cool and then wrap it in wax paper. Store all the pizza that is wrapped in an air tight plastic bag and remove as needed for lunches.
I find nuking it for 40 seconds to 1:00 minute is enough. Hubby just eats his cold and actually I have done this also and it is still delicious.

its me, sam said...

I figure I can be at your house is about 3.5 hours. The pizzas look amazing. What recipe did you use for the dough? I know what I'm making this week-end!