Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Little Drive Around The Neighbourhood For Canadian Saver

One of my blogging buddies, Canadian Saver, mentioned the other day that she would move to The Witch's Island if she got the chance and that got me thinking about why someone would do that. So this morning we rolled out of bed to a bright and shiny winter day and decided to take a little drive to see what we could see. It turns out that this is a very beautiful place even at this time of year. We even found a pond where someone was in the process of clearing snow to make an outdoor rink. I wish I'd brought my skates.


Canadian Saver said...

Thank you!!! The pictures are awesome! You know, my great grandmother was from your island so in a way it would be returning to my roots :-)

Wasn't it a gorgeous day???

~Kim~ said...

WOW!! LOVELY and such scenic pictures of your corner of the world! I'm sure it's just as beautiful in "greener times" too!!

THANKS as always for the comment on my blog! I wouldn't move back to a subdivision either!! You asked about owls in Virginia. Our neck of the woods is home to 4 types of owls--The Great Horned owl, Barred Owl, Screech Owl and Barn Owls. I have only seen and heard a screech owl, and a barn owl. I really enjoy listening to them at night, and in the early morning--There is something so comforting and captivating and mysterious about them...I have missed hearing them this winter. We did have a Screech owl sitting on the bird feeder a couple of weeks ago, but my efforts to get a picture in the near darkness were unsuccessful--But I have my camera ready if it returns--I can't wait!

The Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Beautiful pictures..!! Interesting blog-I'm bookmarking it.

Jenny said...

Brrrr....I think living in AZ has thinned my blood or something cuz although your pictures are gorgeous they made me shiver.

Gill - That British Woman said...

no one ever appreciates what's on their door step, where ever they live in the world.


Striving for a Simple Life said...

What a beautiful place to live!