Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scrub Pads and Shopping Bags.

It’s the time of year now where we are really starting to enjoy the gardens, especially the flower gardens. Everything is starting to blossom and I can hardly wait to harvest some to bring the beauty inside. I try to arrange a new bouquet in my ikebana every few days. This one is a little different though, can you see why?

The lily garden is almost ready to blossom.

Can you see the scrubbies and the shopping bag?

Growing amongst my flowers are a pair of scrubbies and a shopping bag! They are there in the middle, just above the bright orange lily. The shopping bag is in the big purple rose and the white flower to its left and the purple flower to its right are the scrub pads. The scrubbies were handmade and so beautiful that it is such a shame to use them but I can’t wait to try. The friend who sent them made them herself and it doesn’t sound like it was much fun. This is the way she described it in an email she sent;
“Two years ago when we were in Mexico and I had that horrible fall, I was really stuck spending a lot of time in my room. An older Canadian tourist from Vancouver had given me a couple of the scubbies and I thought they were really cute. She knew how bored I was and told me she'd show me how to make them. I've done a bit of crocheting during the years and figured it would not only be fun but a great idea for our church bazaar. FUN???????????? It was NOT!!! I had no clue how involved this was going to be. They sure looked simple enough. I figured she used some special kind of yarn. I couldn't believe what you had to do. First you had to buy material that looks like the crinolines I used to wear when I was a teenager. It comes in all different colours and is fairly stiff. You have to get about 3 metres of it and then cut it all up in narrow strips. Well it AIN'T that easy because if you visualize it, the edges are all jagged when you cut it so when you try to fold up the strips they are all sharp and when you take a strip and try to crochet with it, it's such a treat. The edges stick to your clothes or the chesterfield or whatever it can. Forget trying to keep nail polish on your nails. Then periodically you have to tie another strip on. Not only does it prickle you wherever it touches but the strength it takes in your hands and fingers to try to make it loop means you're lucky to make one of those things a day and if on top of that you happen to have arthritic fingers, boy in the morning you can sure feel it. Once you get the circles made you then have to crochet them together but try to stuff them as you go along.”

I don’t think that I’m going to be making any of these myself any time soon!

This is the note that came with the scrub pads.

The purple rose shopping bag is so cool, too. While it is not homemade it is very light and it has a clip on the side so that it can be attached to a purse strap or a belt loop. I’ll never have to worry about having a shopping bag with me again.

This is the rose bag all tucked away.

This is the rose bag fully extended.

These little gifts came as a complete surprise and they brightened my day more than words can say. Sometimes the simplest act of kindness will stand out and you will remember the moment for a lifetime. I guess I’m having one of these moments and wanted you all to experience it with me. Hope you have enjoyed the ride.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your bouquet!! My Mom used to make those scrubbies and dish-cloths. They lasted forever, and she was always trying to show me how to make them--But I lack that talent, skill and patience! :-) Shopping bags like yours are really getting to be popular around here in an effort to be more "eco-friendly" which is always a great idea! (I like your owl too!)

By the way, I've NO idea how the possum got into the house. When I let the dogs out in the morning, I leave the backdoor open so the dogs can go in & out, so it may have come in on its own. However it was laying in the middle of the floor and was so wet and "roughed up" that one of the dogs may very well have brought it in--I'm hoarse today from yelling at the dogs to get away and just because of my own fear! Crazy! :-))

its me, sam said...

Love the scrubbie and the bag. Random gifts are the best!

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Firstly, I LOVE your flower garden....I wish so much I could have a garden..!! Second- have a wonderful talent for arranging flowers! How pretty- I love the colors and the scrubby and shopping cool is that!! The whole arrangement is so pretty.

Gill - That British Woman said...

wow that is just so neat, I love them.


Canadian Saver said...

Those look so real!!! I love your bouquet and your flower beds too :-)

Hope returning to work isn't too bad !

Jessica Renshaw said...

Hi "witch!" (I don't like calling you that. I'm sure you aren't witchy at all.) You stopped by my blog once and I'm delighted to find yours! Wishing you God's richest blessings. Jessica

The Witch said...

Hi Jessica,
I'm glad you found us, too. Don't worry about the whole "Witch" thing, it's just my nom-de-plume and I take no offence at your using it.