Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fox Is Happy!

Happy Fox wants to know if we have anything that he could eat.

The gazebo is slowly making progress. Hubby has not had much time in the last few days for building as we try to cram as much fun stuff as possible into my short vacation. He did manage to complete the floor substructure and install the main posts which will hold up the roof. There has been a lot of pondering, drawing and model building but he thinks that he has it figured out as to how to proceed. I’ll be happy as long as he doesn’t cut off a foot or something.

Hubby has installed the metal bases used to tie the posts to the deck.

He made this model of the top of the posts to be sure he could make this cut.

Some offcuts were put In the bases to check dimensions.

The first two posts have been installed. Boy, is it tall!

The top rails are being installed to help keep the posts aligned.

The posts and the top rails are all done.

Another sample piece. This one is for the king post which will carry roof trusses.

This is the actual king post just needing some planning and sanding to be complete.

My vacation, meanwhile, is going great but is going to be over too soon. We’ve done some beach combing, some gardening, had friends over for plant exchanges and card parties. We went to our local seafood restaurant and had steamed mussels and Caesars on their deck while watching the boats go by and the kids jump off the bridge into the water. We even got the patio table and chairs out of the basement and up on the deck. I made Red Velvet Cupcakes for Canada Day using a recipe I found on Week Of Menus. The recipe is called “The Velvet Cupcake” (you can see it here) because they were afraid of the red colour but I just added it in. I had fun decorating them with flags and sprinkles and even made one to look like a beaver with almonds for teeth and a graham wafer for a tail!

These cupcake cups came with the neat little toothpick flags.

Red Velvet Cupcakes waiting for their icing.

The completed Red Velvet Cupcakes
We went walking on the beach yesterday and the weather was just perfect. It had been pretty windy and hot at home and we thought that we’d get there and breeze off the water would cool us down but the air was almost dead calm, just barely strong enough to fill the sails of this boat. The water was clear and warm and we quickly regretted not bringing our swimsuits.
On the way home we were greeted by this happy little fox. He must be used to being fed by the park-goers driving by because he walked right up to the car, sat himself down and let me take a bunch of pictures. Even though he didn’t get any food from us he still smiled at me as we drove away. Even the wildlife is happy I’m on holiday!

These lucky people were having a sail around the Witch’s Island on a beautiful afternoon in July.

Happy Fox says he still loves us even though he is going home hungry!


its me, sam said...

The picture of the fox is priceless!

Canadian Saver said...

Yummmmy! Love how the Canada Day cupcakes turned out :-)

That pic of the fox sitting down is very cute, but I really, really like the last one... you should submit those 2 to a contest :-)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The gazebo is coming along nicely, and you are right, not cutting off a foot (or anything) while doing a project is a good thing! :-))
I'm glad you're enjoying your time off, it certainly sounds like you are, and I'm glad the beautiful fox is happy too!!

The Witch said...

We seem to be having a problem getting a comment from Canadian Saver to post up. We've published it numerous times and it keeps disappearing. Her comment is quoted below;

"Yummmmy! Love how the Canada Day cupcakes turned out :-)

That pic of the fox sitting down is very cute, but I really, really like the last one... you should submit those 2 to a contest :-)"

Hopefully this is just a technical glitch with Blogger.

Sorry, Canadian Saver

The Witch said...

Just a note about the "Week of Menus" site. While looking up the address to include in my post I came across a recipe she posted on June 29, 2010 for "Ginger Soy Glazed Chicken Drumsticks". We made them this week and you should take my advice and put away your computer and go make some for yourself. Mmmmmmm......