Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pictures of The Witch's Island For Mrs. Nakamura

Recently, one of my most faithful commenters requested that we post up some more pictures of the Witch's Island. We've been busy painting the front hallway and I have to say that Hubby is extremely fussy about painting. It has taken two weeks, so far, just to paint four small walls and the mouldings. And there are still two walls to go (trim included)!

So, we haven't been able to get out to take any new pictures and, feeling a bit guilty, I went trolling through our picture files to see just what we had on hand. It turns out that we take a LOT of pictures of our neighbourhod and the most difficult thing is picking out the best and most represntative shots. Most of these were taken in the fall of 2008 or the summer of 2007.

Mrs Nakamura, you asked and we are happy to oblige...

Our neighbours are harvesting their field of corn in October 2008.

The fall colours lighting up the hills behind this cow pasture.

The cows are coming over to see why we are standing by their field. Hoping for snacks, maybe.

This is cottage-country along the river a few miles from home.

This horse has a terrific view from his corral.

You would never know that there is a comercial apple orchard down that lane unless you saw the signs on the highway.

The recent rain and the dark day really brought out the red in the clay of this road.

How would you like to wake up to this vista every day?

The late evening sun is bursting off the birch trees across the road from home.

The backyard in late October 2008.

This is the walkway to one of the local beaches.

The beach is just over the dunes on the horizon. You can see why the walkway is elevated.

We came to this beach in July 2007 while on our bikes. We were riding on one of the local trails and this beach was about 5 kms. from the start.

These pilings used to support a fishing pier a lot of years ago.

Walking on the beach at low tide.


Nakamuras on Saipan said...

WOW!! How Beautiful!! Thank you SO much ! You live in a beautiful place. I really enjoy scenery and seeing where people live. It's so interesting to me. That bridge or boardwalk looks really interesting-is that for walking/biking? That's neat..! I am using the barn picture for my desktop at the moment-that just struck me-I loved the red barn against all the green. You have motivated me to do some research about the area you live because I don't know much about it. Canada is on my list of places to visit. My father used to hunt in Canada and he always brought beautiful pictures home. You are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place! Thanks so much!!

The Witch said...

You are very welcome, it was fun skimming through the old snaps to pick out this group.

It's funny that you put the barn picture on your desktop because I'm using the same picture on my desktop at work.

We were looking at all the beautiful pictures you posted of your festival this morning and we were feeling pretty envious. It's amazing what a little perspective will do for you. Thank you for helping us appreciate our own backyard just a little more.

The boardwalk in those two pictures is the access from the parking lot of this national park to the beach and is quite long, maybe a 1/2 kilometre or more. You leave your car in a gravel lot and walk onto a trail into the woods. The trail soon becomes this floating walkway amongst the reeds of this marsh. It was an absolutely amazing experience the first time we were there enhanced by the picture perfect weather we had that day.

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Looking at the pictures again! One of my favorite things to do is to look at pictures people take of where they live...there are many places I'd like to travel to and probably never will-but pictures help! I love this beautiful planet we live on and appreciate seeing all the wonders....the floating boardwalk is not my mini-laptop background! glad you enjoyed the Flame Tree festival Pictures! My poor daughter was bummed that she missed it..she is also pouring over all the pictures and missing home.

Canadian Saver said...

My favorite one is the red barn too :-)

You really do live in paradise!!

Suz said...

bewitching place
Thanks for the compassionate words for Sara...

Sara said...

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!!