Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Joke.

This morning Hubby was getting out of the shower and I came rushing in telling him that he wouldn't be going to work this morning because the basement was flooded. He looked at me all worried and questioning but I managed to keep my poker face in place. He toweled off quickly and started to race down the hallway. Sorry, Hubby! At this point I started to laugh out loud like a hyena as he turned back to look at me. He got a very puzzled look on his face and then the smack on the side on the head kicked in. APRIL FOOLS!!! I had him hook line and sinker.

We had a great laugh.

Then on the way to work this morning I spotted a Snowy Owl sitting in a farmer's field right near the road. I said "lets go back" (thank god he didn't think this was a joke) and we turned around and spent ten minutes looking at him with the binoculars we keep in the car. He looked very much like this picture I found here.

A beautiful Snowy Owl in a picture found at

What a beautiful bird and a great start to our day.


~Kim~ said...

You are too funny with your joke on your husband--They're such easy targets aren't they??

But you are right, what a beautiful (!!) bird to enjoy at the start of your day!!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is a beautiful bird, I have never seen an owl around here.

Happy Easter to you and your family,


Canadian Saver said...

What are gorgeous owl!

You and your DH have an awesome relationship, I'm jealous!! He's such a good sport :-)