Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Time and Boxing Day

Merry Christmas
Season's Greetings
Joyeux Noel
Happy Boxing Day???

I'm a day late in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas but I know you'll all forgive me. We have been so busy that it is hard to believe the day is over. :-( Hubby made his traditional Wife Savers breakfast which once again saved his ass come X-mas morning.

We opened some gifts and then talked all day on the telephone to family and friends. I didn't even open my e-mail or even have the computer on the last two days so I have a lot of catching up to do. I even missed what Google did on their main page for Christmas. Please let me know.

Today I have some boxes to break down and put away, which is good because it is Boxing Day. Then I want to do some budgeting for the coming year and see how much I can squeeze our budget so we can save for a nice vacation to see family and friends back home. I also want to make a list of items which need to be replaced such as the old chipped Corel bowls. They are going bye bye. Plus, I'm going to start X-mas shopping earlier even if I only buy one gift card a month. I have all kinds of gardening ideas I have to start saving for, too.

Already I feel I'm going to run out of time planning.
As always I will keep you all posted.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!!!!

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~Kim~ said...

I continue to be envious of your scrumptious meals--especially on nights like tonight when we're having canned soup!! :-) By the way, I LOVED the link you sent me!! That little "JR" was too cute--Thanks for sharing!! ~Happy Boxing Day!!~