Monday, December 21, 2009

4 More Sleeps!

Yes, it's just that close and we're just so busy that I'm only going to make this a short little post. I wanted to share pictures of my amaryllis, ain't she a beauty? The first picture was shot on the 18th and three days later the blooms are fully open, just in time for Christmas.

Oh, and the little scene below is set up on our coffee table. The goofy look on the reindeer's face breaks me every time I look at him. Poor little reindeer


Canadian Saver said...

Love the plant and the decorations :-) Your house looks very festive!

~Kim~ said...

Your amaryllis is really lovely, and such a beautiful flower to have at this time of the year! I love your decorations too--You're right about the reindeer, he's a cutie!! :-) I hope you have a warm and wonderful Merry Christmas!!