Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Perfect Guess!

Another Halloween has come and gone but it was great fun while it lasted.

It’s always tough to figure out how many treats to buy as you all know. We’re lucky that because we live out in the country however many trick-or-treaters there’s going be it is still going to be a pretty small number. The past few years we’ve had just 4 or 6 kiddies so this year, just to be safe, I made up 10 bags. Each bag had a couple of packs of chips and some chocolate and candies. We also had some loose stuff just in case we had a flood of customers but it wasn’t needed. Ten kids were what we planned for and ten kids were what we got. Perfect guess!

 Designing the treat bags is a lot of fun.
Designing the treat bags is a lot of fun.

 I like to add handmade tags, too.
I like to add handmade tags, too.

 Picking out the treats.
Picking out the treats.

 Making ten piles to fill the bags.
Making ten piles to fill the bags.

 The treats are ready!
The treats are ready!

How many kids came to your house? More than you planned for or less? More importantly, what did you do when you ran out of goodies?

Ten for ten
Ten treat bags and ten customers, perfect!

I also decided that we would only carve two pumpkins this year mainly because they take so long to get done that the whole day can slip by while the designing and carving operations are processing. Hubby apparently had other ideas and slipped in a third one completing it just a half hour before the first kid arrived. At least it kept him out of my hair while I did some baking. I made a big batch of Devil’s Food cupcakes and iced them with an orange cream cheese frosting decorated with black and purple sprinkles. Used my KitchenAid, too. I also roasted up some of the pumpkin seeds for snacking at TV time.

Devil Seeds are easy to make
Devil Seeds are easy to make.

Halloween cupcakes
Devil’s Food cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting, mmm.

Just before the kiddies arrived we rushed around pacing pumpkins and getting the lights set up. It was a lot easier with just the three; we even had time to dig out the giant blow-up spider and set it up on the front lawn. I don’t think anyone was scared or impressed with it though at least no one mentioned him.

Giant purple spider.
My blowup spider finally made it out of storage.

So, as Halloween 2010 fades into memory here is a few pictures of this year’s pumpkins. How many days until the next Halloween?

Mad Farmer pumpkin in the daylight.
The Mad Farmer pumpkin in the daylight.

 The Mad Farmer pumpkin at night
The Mad Farmer pumpkin at night.

 The Beaver on Halloween afternoon.
The Beaver on Halloween afternoon.

The Beaver at night.
The Beaver at night.

 Stars and Moons is becoming a classic here.
Stars and Moons is becoming a classic here.

 The front yard just before curfew.
The front yard just before curfew.

 Good job, guys!
Good job, guys!


its me, sam said...

I love the outside! Sounds like you had fun. I got ready for 45 kids, ended up with 26 or so, and loaded a few kids with extra bags. I kept 8 bags for me and brought the treats to work. Next year, I'll do bags for 30 kids, and I'll buy the pudding again, all the kids loved it!

Jane said...

You go to a tremendous amount of work for 10 kids. I know whose house I'm going to for treats! Your place looked great and the pumpkin designs are very original and so well done - you are a master carver for sure. We had just over 30 kids which is pretty low for the city but like you we had just enough candy to last.

Marguerite said...

What a fantastic idea making up treat bags for the kids!! We had all of 5 kids at our house this year and this would have been a great idea. I think I might try it next year.

Nakamuras on Saipan said...

What a great job you did carving those jack-o-lanterns- boy - you have talent! I passed on getting a real pumpkin this year- would have cost me around $30.00-that's the problem with everything being imported here. I understand all the work you did for only 10 trick-or-treaters....when my kids were little I spent about 2 months getting ready for Halloween. Our house was THE house for all their cousins....I build a big haunted house in the garage (sometimes with plywood and anything else I could find) and hand-sewed their costumes because they are hard to buy here-everyone has the "same" costume on! Yeah- lots of work but lots of fun and great memories.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Oh I love how your outside looked and that spider is really cool! I especially love the witch in the window!

You had some really nice treats there, and I'll bet next year the word will get out and you'll have a few more trick or treaters!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

what a lot of work you did to make it a great Halloween for the kids.

We don't get anyone calling nowadays but when we were in the city we would make up 100 bags and when they were gone, we would close the doors and turn off the lights.

Generally we were open for around and hour and a half, lots of kids where we lived.


Sisters of the Blog said...

I love how you decorated your house for Hallowe'en, and yes, your 10 trick-or-treaters had very nice treats indeed!

I had two little ones last year, figured they'd tell their friends about the new neighbour on the corner with lots of chocolate in the bowl, but they didn't. I had NO ONE this year!

I've been eating the candy myself but need to find others who will want it, too. I don't need that big bag of candy just for me (although it's very yummy!)

Beautiful carved pumpkins! You and your hubby are so talented!


The Witch said...

Wow, it must be so disappointing to get NO trick-or-treaters at your door. We have always had at least some, more or less. As for the treats themselves well, we always buy lots and them polish off the leftovers ourselves over the next few months. I did take a few treats into work this year over Hubby's strenuous objections!

Canadian Saver said...

Next year I'm going to cross the Confederation Bridge and find that big spider and get some candy too! Your bags looked so cute!

Loved the decorations too!

Almost American said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your pumpkin photos have definitely inspired me for next year!

We had 55 trick-or-treaters this year - down a little on previous years I think. Fortunately we've never run out of candy!

Star said...

Hey, I'm really, really impressed with the amount of trouble you went to for Halloween. The gifts look wonderful and fancy guessing the exact right number! I love the purple spider and the silhouette of the witch in the window is great. Where did you get that from? I want one!
What can I say about the pumpkins? They are masterpieces of carving, aren't they.
Well done you.
Blessings, Star

The Witch said...


The Witch silhouette was bought a couple of years ago at a big box art and craft supply store called Michael’s. Are there any of them around you? I understand that these stores are closing up in a lot of areas. If I remember correctly the Witch was in their Martha Stewart collection. Martha (or at least her marketing people) seems to really enjoy Halloween and her company puts out some pretty nice stuff. It’s pricey, though.

Anyway, the Witch is printed on a heavy, clear plastic sheet and when it’s peeled off its backing paper it clings to the glass of the window. It’s very effective even if the bottom edge wants to curl up just a little bit. When it’s time to put her away you just peel her off the glass, lay the sheet back on the backing paper, roll it up and put her back in the closet.