Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Mid Week Gazebo Update

Work on the gazebo has taken some good steps forward so far this week. Hubby has been taking advantage of time off from work and good weather to get the foundation work done. Despite having to go to town almost daily for materials he has placed all the footing stones and covered the ground with landscape cloth and river rocks to prevent grass and weeds from growing, installed and leveled the posts and attached the main floor joists. The rest of the perimeter boards got screwed in place last night. You can see the octagon shape clearly now and it’s going to be bigger than I thought. Maybe even huge!

Anyway, here are some pictures from this week for you to peruse. Mouseover the images for a brief description of what is happening. Enjoy!

Hubby is starting to cover the grass with landscape cloth. The bricks are there just to hold the cloth in place.
A close-up of the cloth under one of the base stones.
This block is almost ready to be glued down to its base stone.
The blocks have all been glued down. He ran out of landscape cloth before getting all the grass covered.
The joists have been temporarily set in the blocks to make sure they stay aligned.
The first of two loads of river stones to cover up the landscape cloth.
The first load of river stones went only this far so it was back to the store to get some more.
The ground cover is all down and washed. Looking good!
The first of the actual posts have been installed and the main joists attached.
This box will form the backbone for the gazebo. I hope he made it strong enough!
The base unit is almost done. Just a few more joists and then we’re onto the decking.
The base unit is almost complete.
The test ring was very helpful in setting up the foundation but it can disassembled now and its parts used elsewhere.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You and your hubby are really making some good steps forward and I've enjoy the pictures showing it all coming together--It is really going to be a wonderful addition to your yard!!

I also somehow missed the post before this, and I will just say that I hope you're able to continue to enjoy your flowers too!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

glad to see your dh is doing everything correctly by putting the weed barrier and stones underneath the Gazebo. Wish these idiots we bought the house off had done that with the deck, but no they didn't, so it's weed city under there!!