Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Get-Away

The Witch, her Hubby and her broom (okay, it was Big Red) went flying off Witch's Island this weekend for some shopping and some fun in the far-off city and we had a great time! Hubby suggested that we should go away on Friday afternoon and spend the night rather than just dashing over for the day on Saturday. He left it up to me to decide but it didn’t take much convincing to get the Witch to fly!

While he was still at work I checked the ‘net for places to stay, found one I liked and booked a room. Hubby got home nice and early and before he could even get the truck in the garage I came out the door and said "Leave ‘er out there. We’re going!" He was a little shocked but away he went to get ready. I had everything I needed packed and waiting at the door.

The afternoon was beautiful, weather-wise and we had a quick and comfy cruise to the motel where we signed in and dumped our bags. Then it was off to Costco! My sweet little brother gave us a membership voucher and gift cards for Christmas knowing that we are too cheap to buy into a membership ourselves. He is our Costco evangelist and routinely informs us of the amazing deals he finds there. We have been looking forward since December to becoming converts.

In the past we have snuck into the store just to see what the excitement was all about but we knew that we weren’t going to be able to buy anything. Not this time, though. We got our membership cards (and we even got a refund of $5.00 because of where we live) and then headed off into the store to inspect the goods. I loved it!

Oh yeah, we purchased quite a few things. I scored big on some new heavy duty baking sheets. They weigh a ton so these suckers aren't going to twist in the oven. The old ones will go in to our flea market box with the old pots. Hubby got some new windshield wiper blades. We saw lots of interesting grocery items, too but we left them for the next day. So, were there lots of bargains to be had? Well, not as many as I expected but there was a great variety of brands and products that we just don’t see on the Witch’s Island.

After shopping we went back to the motel and parked the truck and then it was off to our favourite Chinese restaurant where we had a great meal and a nice bottle of wine. The evening was so warm that we were able to walk a mile to a pool hall to play a few games. I love billiards but Hubby was hot and I was no match for his superior playing that night.

The next morning we were up early and off to the Farmer’s Market. Every other time we have been to this one it has been later in the morning and it is so crowded that it is hard to get up and down the aisles. This time there were very few customers and we just breezed through! We bought three loaves of bread and a big bag of Honey Crisp apples.

After that we toured around some furniture stores looking for new tables for the TV room but we didn’t find anything we liked. We went to a few other stores including a big building supply chain where Hubby got to look at the power tools (gotta keep your man happy) but the only thing we bought was a planter for the kitchen windowsill and some new plants. Then, we went shopping again at Costco! This time I actually bought quite a bit of food, mostly baking supplies (nuts, vanilla, and SunMaid raisins), oranges and a big bottle of whole cashews. Next we cruised through the mall and bought nothing though Danier Leather had a fitted red jacket that I would have died for but I'm glad I managed to pry myself away. Okay, Hubby, you can stop slapping my fingers now! The thrift stores were next. I bought jeans, one top, a brand new white ball cap, and a flower pot.

By this time it was getting late in the day and we were getting hungry so it was back to Lam’s for dinner (we ordered extra to take home, too) and then we loaded up the broom to fly back home. It was a great little unplanned get-away and I'm still loving it.


~Kim~ said...

What a nice getaway weekend!!! I'm so glad you had a nice time, got some great deals and the weather co-operated too!! I love Costco! We joined in 1985 when we moved to Alaska and have been members ever since--We actually got a car discount of about $500 through them a couple of years ago, so that year it more than paid for itself--But I just love to look at the stuff and their muffins are the best!! :-)))

Have a great week!!!!

PS: We have a "Great Horned Owl" that we see daily now--I even saw it this afternoon. But it continues to elude me when trying to get a picture, but I keep trying--It's really beautiful! I'm wondering if it has a nest nearby--I've not seen the smaller barn owls in a few weeks...Maybe the Horned owl has claimed this as his turf?? I really need to read up on them...

Canadian Saver said...

Sounds like a great get-away! You picked the perfect weekend, weatherwise.

While I love to support local farmers, I don't like going to the farmers' market you went to because of the crowds. Usually the parking is terrible too. I stick to a much smaller one just open in the summer.

You got great eats and deals!

its me, sam said...

It sounds like a great week-end get away. I'm making a trip this Saturday to the big city, DD's looking for shoes for Prom, I'm just looking to get away, and my sister is looking for some new clothes too!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am not a fan of costco, and we have a free membership through dh's work, but we never go, sucha waste.


Nakamuras on Saipan said...

Great weekend, I love it! Don'tcha just love it when you do something on the spur of the moment and it turns out great! I think sometimes the rather "unplanned" events turn out the best! How fun!

~Kim~ said...

Hey! Check out my blog--I'm sucha dope; we don't have a Great Horned Owl this year--I'm a little, but not totally disappointed.
Hope you're doing well--Have a good weekend!! :-)