Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow For Sale... Cheap!

Sno Cones via Make FiveSno Cone Picture via "Make Five"

Snow cones anyone? They are just about the only good thing I associate with that stuff. We were hit hard on Thursday and have lots of snow to spread around. We believe in sharing so the snow is going very cheap. Actually, you can have it for free if you bring a shovel and want to load the back of your pickup truck for weight. It’s all yours baby. Clean, white, pristine, heavy and FREE; just what you need!!!

The Witch’s Island can look cold and lonely in the dead of winter. It’s still beautiful, just different. It’s really a special place where you can find beach combers on the coldest of days looking for that washed up treasure. I haven’t found any recently but would like to share some photos and hope you enjoy your day around a warm fireplace with a good book which is what I plan on doing This afternoon.

You really don’t want to step too close to this edge.
You really don’t want to step too close to this edge.

This crow was surprised to find somebody out walking around.
This crow was surprised to find somebody out walking around.

The walkway might just need some work this spring.
The walkway might just need some work this spring.

It was cold enough that Hubby decided that he wouldn’t go swimming after all.
It was cold enough that Hubby decided that he wouldn’t go swimming after all.

This is not actually the surface of Mars.
This is not actually the surface of Mars.

There was some light on the horizon.
There was some light on the horizon.

Oh, the book I’m reading is “The Girl Who Played With Fire” by Stieg Larsson, the second one of his trilogy. Hubby bought me the set for Christmas and they are just as good as everyone is saying. My fireplace will be warm and toasty and hubby will bring me a glass of red wine. Life is wonderful in the Witch’s cold island paradise.

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Marguerite said...

yikes that's one heck of a drop off the walkway. I'm guessing those pictures are from the north shore? We were much luckier on the south side.

Jolie said...

What amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing. PS - blue snowcones are my favourite.

Jane said...

I bought those books for myself for my birthday in May. I tried to make them last as long as possible but it was difficult as they are such page-turners.
Love the photos - I agree the beauty is still there, just looks a little different.
Have a fun afternoon of cozy reading.

Cathy said...

That snow looks lovely - from a distance. We had 39c yesterday - now that really is lovely:) Stay warm - I know we will lol
Take care

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HELLO!! I agree that even in winter, where you live is beautiful, but does look cold! Here today some people took a dip in the Potomac for charity--I wouldn't even do it for a good cause!! :-)) Is the sand really that red, or was it just how the picture captured it?

Hope you've had an enjoyable and warm day and had plenty of time to relax and read your book!

Suz said...

OOOO lovely pictures of your island
is that red sandstone? Looks like some that an old boyfriend brought back from PEI about 45 years ago...
I will have to look into that series of I am reding
The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane....a gripping supernatural puzzler, they say...about the salem witches..sort far so good....
We are going to have 18 inches of that blasted white stuff by I'll not be taking any of yours

its me, sam said...

Witch are you going to get hit on Wednesday/Thursday? It sounds like it'll be another doozy! Ps, I love the red sand and rock photo! With your permission, can I copy the photo and attempt to paint it? let me know!

Canadian Saver said...

Great photos!

We got more today... really light stuff but the plows weren't out much so it made for a messy drive home.

Enjoy the series! I am watching The Girl Who Played with Fire on Demand (for free), the movies are great too!

Gill - That British Woman said...

so I guess you don't want any of my snow then?

I am so fed up of Winter now......roll on SPring!!


The Witch said...

No, thanks Gill. Very nice of you to think of me, though.

As Sam suggested, we have had more than enough snow in the past week but the CBC is forcasting another blizzard for Sunday night and snow in some shape or form almost every day next week. Forget about seeing Spring, I just want to see the end of the driveway!

I hope for Cathy's sake that she didn't have to endure any of that Category 5 cyclone that we were told about while she was enjoying those lovely temperatures.

Kim, the sand here on The Witch's Island can be just that colour depending on the moisture content. The drier it gets the lighter in colour it gets. Hubby twiddling in Photoshop may have brought the red out a bit but he swears that it looked like that in the original shot. Sam says that she is going to paint that picture. I hope that when you are done Sam that you take and post a picture of your efforts. I'm sure it will turn out great!@